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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Tom   watercolor   12 x 8
is a watercolor painter who just doesn't quit...a good model for us all.  While I purport to be the "teacher" in the class, his presence sets the tone for all of us...welcoming, persistent, the quintessential "student", topped off with enough humor to put everyone at ease.  We all benefit from his efforts.

I was pleased to have a chance at painting him shortly before the holidays.  I am pleased with this result and can attribute this success to the following factors:  an unhurried approach; leaving far more "precious white" than what I needed; leaving the whites open into the white of the background; and just plain old luck.  Rendering eyes underneath the brim of a hat is always tricky as we seem to want to fill in more of the "unknown" than is possible.  I solved that issue by painting what I saw.  Details were kept to a minimum; i.e. the mustache which is minimally modeled.  More time in the session might well have resulted in "overpainting", the bane of all watercolorists.

Thanks, Tom, for all that you are....and definitely an inspiration.

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