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Friday, April 25, 2008

Drawing from the Shoulder

Tricorne   charcoal and pastel on paper   18.5 x 11
As I journey into the land of "what makes my art mine", I try to imprint what has given me a thrill, what marks on the paper sing of expression, of desire more than perfection, of letting loose more than control. These marks or strokes more often originate from the shoulder, where the strokes become stronger and grander and faster. (marks made from the wrist are generally weaker and more perfect, due to the desire to maintain control). The drawing "Tricorne" started as most drawings do when I work from a model. I start by finding the major forms, searching for rhythms and always searching for the "likeness". Yet when I reevaluate the drawing much later, I find that what moves me the most are often errant, searching strokes that speak simply and imply "less" rather than "more". The white calligraphic stroke that describes the ruffled shirt is my favorite. I love energy in the stroke. Let that be a lesson to me. Control is over-rated.