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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Window Seat

Window Seat   watercolor   13 x 10
is a painting of an apple blossom geranium, a sprig of which was given to me by a friend not a year ago.  The plant amazes me and delights my soul daily.  Painting flowers is a bugaboo for me...I don't really enjoy floral works, but feel that their complexity is a great learning and re-learning and then.  In this case, the "reality" of the subject (the plant next to a southern-exposure window) was competing with my need for abstraction, and to diminish the importance of the support and the background.  Woe is me.  I did my best to meld the two stories.  It was also an extreme temptation to over-describe the leaves, when most were being burnt out by the sun's late winter light. 

I gave it my best shot.  Will see how I feel about it in another year or so....while I anticipate the growth of this organic beauty.