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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sequins are just Gravy

INTENSITY.  I can easily recognize it.  I live it. ...and, to me, it is easily recognized in a few other individuals.  A tension in the body.  A perking up of the senses.  A refusal to take things lightly. Fire in the belly....not in each and every undertaking, but in the discipline that fuels a person's soul.

This young dancer was the epitome of intensity...of discipline.

While the sequins on her costume were fun to paint....small specks of retained white paper amidst the color to imply the multidimensional reflection of the light...sequins are just gravy here.

She could, in my opinion, be just as distinctive in a simple leotard.  INTENSITY.
Sequins Optional   watercolor   20 x 12

Monday, August 5, 2019


Wendy   charcoal and pastel on paper   14.5 x 11
is one of the younger dancers in the troupe.  And yet, her whole being embodies extraordinary discipline.   I thorough enjoyed making this drawing!