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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Mina...a sketch
Last evening our Akron Society of Artists group had a program on framing led by Shirley Blake and Kim Moore, both of whom have had lots of experience.  All kinds of topics were discussed...constructing your own framing; hardware; various types of glass; kinds of tape; etc.  Very informative.  I guess my bottom line these days is that I never ever consider my framing job to be permanent....rather, just a way to protect the work for time being.  An art seller friend of mine believes that people are buying the work, not the frame.  And, very often, people like to put their own mark on their new purchase.  Like it or not, folks like the work to match their living room couch.  When finishing a watercolor, for example, I never know whether or not it will need to be I use the neutral light-colored mat and plexiglass.  Very often a work will go in and out of framing several times.  I never use a dust cover on the back until the work has been sold.  I do, however, believe that we artists need to identify which types of frames are aesthetically pleasing to us....I prefer the more modern light woods with no ornamentation, hand-carved frames especially from Mexico; and some of the shabby chic frames with pealy paint.  Yes.  Picking up thrift frames is a bit you can end up with too many.  And painting to fit a frame is always dangerous, as it inhibits the idea by size from the get-go.  Yet, I do it all the time, especially with works that are class projects.  With no disrespect meant to the presenters, I love to sketch during the program and appreciate the feeling I get from relaxing to draw and listening all the while.  Last night's sketch was of Mina, who was seated about 2 yards away from me.  She is a sketcher as well, so I knew she wouldn't mind.