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Friday, September 19, 2008

Having Fun

Chocolate Cupcake   watercolor   7 x 5
Making art is lots of work. Painting is making some kind of order out of lots of chaos...a visual problem-solving that doesn't seem to get any easier. Then there is the hauling-factor....hauling supplies to painting class....hauling paints and canvasses to paint with others....hauling paintings to shows and to shippers. Work, for sure. My colleague and friend Susan, who also teaches art, shared a book with me about Wayne Thiebaud. He had fun! He made lots of paintings about lots of foods which he infused with fun. Paintings about shoes....more fun. The book, which was written for children, had many more pictures and less verbal history and justification. Right up my alley. To make it short and sweet, I was inspired by Wayne Thiebaud and his fun philosophy. "Chocolate Cupcake" is the result.