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Thursday, September 26, 2019


Bread, Wine and Turnips   oil/canvas   15 x 12 x .5
is a quality that I strive for in my work.  Actually, I think that it took me quite a long time to realize it.  Backgrounds were painted in....then painted over.  Chair legs were carefully painted in and then painted over and substituted with horizontal strokes that simply suggested a place for the model to sit.  And, now, so we have it.  So I have it...another requisite that makes my art my own. 

I have a belief that the power of the work is somehow divided between all of the objects in the, it follows, for me, that the fewer the things, the more power that each one holds.  Big and little things arranged pleasingly on the page.

The reference for this simple still life came from a series of photos taken on my patio many years was a veritable feast, a banquet.  The long horizontal painting was sold, but I have so many reference photos that I can now produce several smaller works from the original, and quite painstakingly arranged, feast.  This work pleases me as it has the feel that I was going for...a few simple ingredients can make a painting that I enjoy.......and, also, I think that a few simple ingredients can produce an exquisite meal.  We live in complex times.  I crave simplicity for balance.