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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother Love=Art Love

An Accommodating Curve   watercolor/gouache   27 x  14
Being an artist is tough. Being a woman is tough. Being a mother is sometimes tough, but fills us with a love so great, so big, that it can easily spill over into our art-making. I was blessed with three wonderful sons.....I really do believe that my art-making is so much richer from that deep communion. Just as a great writer uses his life experiences to season his writing, we visual artists do the same. As more and more women are making art, I am seeing the vastness of the experiences that women artists have to offer. Our intuition and our emotions play out in our work. Mother's Day, in my opinion, should also be a celebration of our children, and all that they have given to us. Our curves carry groceries and laundry, as well as art supplies. Our curves sustain our children. My love for these organic curves shows in my work. Hip...hip...hooray! Andrew Wyeth said, "One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes". "An Accommodating Curve" was painted many years ago.....watercolor over gouache.