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Monday, August 11, 2008


Airwaves   mixed on paper   34 x 20.5
It has become completely commonplace to see people of all ages talking on their cell phones while eating, driving, shopping and walking. I guess it stands out to me because I don't have one. Although I certainly understand the convenience of being able to reach someone, anyone, at a given moment, that fact does not outweigh my dislike for interruptions and talking on the phone in general. We had a young man who modeled for us at a studio demonstration. He sat with phone in hand....a gesture "of the times". I began to recall all of the articles I had recently read discussing the disappearance of honey bees. Several theories were being debated, one being the jamming of airwaves and the confusion of the bees resulting in an inability to return to their hives. That is alarming. The notion of such a drastic consequence to a modern convenience piqued my interest and feelings. I used charcoal to draw the young man and finished up at home using a linoleum print method to connect the two notions. I am happy with the results and the fact that I have recently seen a few honey bees in our yard.