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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Giving Pause...

So Young Worries   watercolor/mixed   15.5 x 10
We should pay more attention to those things, those events and those life passages that give us pause. I love that catch-phrase "giving pause"! I believe that it is our creative subconscious at work, highlighting notions to which we should be paying more attention....those designs, those colors, those fragments of knowledge that help to define our individual selves. And, counter-likewise, when we see works, actions and events that "turn us off", we should pay attention as well. Those negatives help us to see what we are not.

Defining our individual selves as artists is quite difficult. I think that we should avoid trying to paint like Joe, or Pablo, or whomever. By gradually eliminating what we are not, we should be able to come up with, over time, what we are.....hopefully. ATTENTION MUST BE PAID.

Who knows why some images just stick in our brains? It happens to me now and again. My daughter-in-law recently shared a book on Picasso with me that she is using as inspiration in her job as a designer at The Tea Collection. I thumbed through the pages enjoying them all. Then, a week later, I found that I just could not forget one in particular. "Woman with a Crow" was done in charcoal, pastel and watercolor. The overall effect is so immensely pleasing to me.....the subject matter, the way the color is used, the vibrant colors that were selected.....and the paint quality. In addition, this work is owned by The Toledo Museum of Art, my daughter-in-law's home town.....quite a coincidence! This image, for me, may represent a direction for discovering my artistic self. Perhaps not. But I am wealthier for taking note and really really infusing this painting into my soul.