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Monday, June 8, 2009


continuous line drawing....mine?

Doesn't everyone love surprises? It's just another way to pique our interest....stepping outside the daily humdrum for a minute or two. A total clean-out of my studio has provided several surprises. Some of the drawings and painting that were stashed away a few years back seem better than what I recall......they have never been worse. Apparently my memory does a number on them when I put them away. In fact, some of the passages actually seem a bit brilliant (passages, not the entire paintings, mind you). I would like to think that we see things differently since we, as artists and as human beings, have evolved and are therefore more accepting of what we see at present. More open-minded? There were many many old sketchbooks filled with "eyeball" and "superhero" art, left over remnants from when my children filled the first pages. A continuous line drawing caught my eye....I am not certain if it is mine, actually. But the lines thrilled me, as well as the overall feel of the drawing. Especially the little curl resting by the wrist. Wow.....I will have to try some more of these. Maybe even the "blind continuous line" drawings, done without looking at the paper. I do love surprises.