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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Paint it Forward..

Pine Cone Pair 2   oil/canvas board   8 x 8
of course, is a play on the phrase "pay it forward".  To me, it implies works of good faith, done for the joy of it, with no expectation other than the happiness it gives or provides.  And, so, pine cones.  My sister in law recently asked me if I paint seasonally.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  My regimes, my thoughts and my soul seem to be enveloped by the weather, the scene, the feel around me.  I simply could not paint a summer landscape while surrounded by snow.  Right after the holidays, I had a difficult time returning to the large unresolved work in my studio.  And so, I thought that I would spend some time doing smaller pine cone paintings, 8 x 8, the idea seeded by a find of wonderful wood frames hanging from chains.  These little paintings seemed to go on forever, as I was in love with the paint-on-top-of-paint thing that was going on and the surface texture that emerged.  Although I did have pine cones in front of me, I pretended that they were enveloped by and topped with snow.  And now, with the first warm rays of spring penetrating the glass, I am, at long last, finished with these four small works.  And, I believe, I have had quite enough of pine cones for a while.