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Friday, March 14, 2014

Boots and Socks.....again?

Boots and Socks   watercolor   10.5 x 19
"In Like a Lion" is how March began here in northeast Ohio....snowstorms continue to surprise and schools still calling off a day now and then. Spring is in the air.  The light quality is enlightening.  But we are still wearing boots.  I have always found studies of boots and shoes to be interesting...reflecting the taste and the daily habits of the wearer.  I thought that this painting was done, although I continued to ruminate about the long horizontal format and the lack of rhythm between the two boots.  So, on a very brave day, I pulled the work out of the mat and added the vertical cad red stripe on the left and a couple of touches of orange.  Ahhhhhh........much better.

Spring sometimes comes does resolution.