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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Painting a Day keeps Trepidation Away

Cored Apple   watercolor   10 x 7
No one would expect a champion diver to score a perfect 10 without warming up. No one would expect 3-point shots from a basketball player who didn't practice daily. So it is with painting. Each fresh white sheet of watercolor paper and each spanking clean canvas is a source of anxiety until an artist can get into his personal flow. It seems that beginning strokes are often awkward and either under-or-over-stated. That is what happens to me. We recently began a new watercolor class. Each artist was given an apple to cut in her own personal way......then the paintings began. For some who don't paint often, the task is daunting. It is even difficult for those who do. There is an entire world in an apple........millions of possibilities and millions of creative decisions to be made. I loved everyone's efforts. "Cored Apple" is mine.