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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


African Prince   mixed on paper   43 x 29
My mind adores free-play....where one idea leads to the next leads to the next.....Such was the case when I started experimenting with the linkage of charcoal drawing to crude printmaking. Our model for one 5-hour session was a young man college-bound in the fall. He arrived impeccably shirt, new jeans and sparkling white heart fell. None of those things even remotely causes my heart to pitter-pat. Now his hair, all done in corn rows, was another matter. Texturally, braids of all kinds are beautiful and common to all aspects of the garden, in weaving and in hair. Braiding is not only beautiful, it is strong, a way of combining single strands into a stronger group, yet retaining flexibility. Wow....I had my hook! The charcoal drawing was done during the session. At home, I carved a braided block and finished the work with printing. Nirvana! A braiding of several art forms that I enjoy!