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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Painting Challenges...

Bartlett Pear   watercolor and thread   5 x 8
are an excellent way to keep one's work fresh.  Most professional artists I know give themselves challenges on a regular basis.  Goal-setting is a related notion.  It keeps us from stagnation or becoming embedded in a comfort zone.  On the first night of watercolor class, we were each given a pear and selected a goal out of a hat.  My goal was to focus on value only by painting in one color.  Others were:  painting only with a flat brush; using an analogous color palette; using a power stroke; using both organic and straight line; and using a huge wash brush for the entire painting. 

"Bartlett Pear" is the result.  I used only a brown mix that was in the mixing well during class.  The yellow-green was added at home.