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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just Drawing......Not

Centrifuge   conte crayon   26 x 19
Tonight's meeting at The Akron Society of Artists is a program where all artists bring drawings to's called "Just Drawings". Drawings are exciting, bold (for the most part), and devoid of unnecessary distractions such as color and texture. As a result, they speak simply and honestly. For me, drawings often have more heart and soul than the paintings that evolve from them. Draw, draw, draw. And, since we often treat drawings as a "practice" art, a lesser art, we are often freer to experiment with them. A winning combination. I have lots of awesome drawing tools, and have even set up a different art box in which to house them. My favorite pencils are: the shorty (after years of being unable to get replacement leads, my friend Tom Mullins gave me some from his secret stash); an extremely wide one with a wooden barrel brought from Germany by my friend Shirley Blake; and the newest, another wide from Duluth Trading Company with a metal barrel, a gift from my friend Susan Mencini. Add to that: conte crayons, charcoals, china markers (thank you Sally Heston), and vine charcoal, the medium of choice of my idol Zhoaming Wu. Just Drawing? I think not.