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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Slight Curve

A Slight Curve   watercolor/gouache   13 x 10
Many years back, I was granted permission to watch a rehearsal of The Akron Symphony Orchestra. My goal was to come back with sketches and photos to work from. "A Slight Curve" was done with watercolor over gouache. I first coated the paper with a layer of permanent white gouache that had been thinned to the consistency of cream. Then I painted in watercolor. The gouache creates a surface that is finitely changeable and malleable, which is something that is difficult when working transparently. White gouache is a body adds opacity to the paint. All colors become tints. It really is a totally different way of working with the medium. I like this small painting and felt the curves of the instrument and likened them to the curves of the human body. This musician is caressing his instrument. That is the mark of a true musician. Just the way we caress watercolor paper with our brushes. Soft touch.