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Friday, December 16, 2011

Jo - Session 3

When I approached this painting for session 3, I was fairly certain that it would be my last.  My goals were:

* add the necklace

* add hard edges to restate my chosen rhythm around the canvas; and, if necessary, soften others

* adjust the color temperature where necessary; i.e. warming sleeve-tops of the coat.  I will admit, that I like pushing the envelope a bit away from reality and towards more exciting. 

* add highlights....for this, I used a cooled-down white using just a smudge of phthalo turquoise which is in the background and part of my original limited palette

* MOST IMPORTANTLY, I tried to avoid re-stroking areas with which I was pleased.  It serves no intent at all.  I can live with slight errors in draftspersonship more than ill-painted passages.  That is my priority. 

I am satisfied.