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Monday, July 28, 2008

Blank Canvas

A blank canvas is a horrible thing to face. The start-up is the worst....and every day that goes by without putting strokes of paint onto the canvas and into my world seems somehow void of meaning for me. My usual routine includes 4-6 hours of studio time per day. My routine has been happens every summer so I should expect it by now, but it still leaves me empty and frustrated. There are the 3 days preparing for the workshop, the four workshop days, the follow-up days of returning materials to their studio homes and sorting through notes, the visits with friends that have to be squeezed in before summer melts away, the studio door that needs painted, the day that was wasted on computer foul-ups, the vegetables that need to be harvested. The list goes on and on. Each day I become more grumpy and agitated. Tomorrow is the day that I hope to be back in my creative niche. Tomorrow is the day the canvas will see action. Just a few paint strokes and my world will be mine again.