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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Jazz of Life is not Found in the Comfort Zone

Lemonade   watercolor   13.5 x 18 comfort zone is painting privately in my studio. Large glasses of iced tea whenever. Throw in a load of laundry whenever. Check email whenever. Relaxed. Comfortable. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, I will join a host of many fine artists to paint at the Hudson Home and Garden Tour Plein-Air Paint-Out sponsored by Hudson Art & Framing. Bright Sunlight. Bugs. Lugging painting stuff. Bugs. Where can I go to the bathroom? Bugs. Loud noises. I can do this......Granted, this experience lies well outside of my comfort zone, but I believe in participating in events that come your way............there just may be many wonderful surprises in store. I am gradually learning how to: paint smaller; focus-in on outdoor scenes; put my "create and destroy" process on hold for a while to concentrate only on reality; and enjoy the beauty of the experience. My colleague Carolyn Lewis is a master at this.....she is my inspiration for this event. Come out and see us!