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Friday, February 6, 2015

Ten Below

Ten Below   watercolor   13 x 21
is a watercolor of my back yard around dusk.  It was so cold when I took a reference shot that my camera batteries died within minutes.  Because, for some reason or another, I am not quite inspired by landscapes, I felt that I had to "shake it up" one way or another.  Having just watched a video by Janine Gallizia, I thought I would use Winsor Blue, a strong staining color that, until this time, I would only have used as a footnote at the end of a work.  In addition, my ire was up due to spending a half hour in single-digit-temperatures trying to figure out the new lock box at the art center.  The work was approached with anger, I'm afraid, which is not my usual process.  The result is temperamental and moody.

Andrew Wyeth once said that one can create out of love or out of hate...i.e., extreme passion.  I prefer the love option.  At least my juices were flowing.

And, BTW, the art center had also changed the combination without notifying me.  The result is definitely passionate.