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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Early Morning

White April Morning Daffodils   oil/canvas   12 x 24

Yellow April Morning Daffodils   oil/canvas   12 x 24
Daffodil paintings are presented here as a kind of "blast from the past".  I had a comment recently from a fellow artist congratulating me on these new works.  Actually, these paintings were done in 2005 and no longer in my least in the material sense.  The feelings I have when I look out into the yard to see these glowing clusters surfaced again this week.  While I enjoy this work from nearly a decade ago, I understand that this work can no longer be repeated.  My work has evolved.  I have evolved.  I can appreciate them but celebrate the self-examination and changing process that has occurred in my artistic endeavor.  The work of a lifetime is very much like a diary.

I am different now.  But I still get a charge out of early morning daffodils.