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Friday, October 30, 2009

Shocking in Columbus...

Shocking   mixed on paper   34.5 x 22
This week I was cleaning Swiss chard for our pumpkin lasagna when I discovered a small snake in among the greens. Shivers. I poked at it for several minutes with the end of a wooden spoon to see if it was still alive. Then the awareness.....a coiled rubber snake that had been put there to send shivers up my spine by my one and only........Rick. Never a dull moment. The whole thing caused lots of giggling. I love it!  'Tis the season for shocking.....and it always surprises me how subjective the notion of shocking is! Don't get me started! In October, I usually have a personal film festival of films of my choosing designed to create shivers. "Shocking" was designed originally for the "Fresh and Spooky" show at Summit Artspace. I thought of how shocking is totally personal. Some are shocked when a toilet seat is left up. And some are still not shocked when watching autopsies on television for entertainment. It was fun to create the appearance of film with linoleum printing under and over the drawing. Models for my work were: friend Concepcion; friend Brian and his two sons Oscar and Casper; friend Cheryl of the Brimfield Post Office, son Seth and myself up in the corner. 
“Shocking” has been included in The Online Visual Artists Registry Juried Show at the Columbus Main Library from Nov. 9 until Jan. 3, 2010. Location for the exhibit is: Columbus Metropolitan Library, Arts and Media Division, 2nd Floor; 96 S. Grant Avenue in Columbus. The exhibit is open during library hours: 10-8 Mon-Thurs; 10-4 Fri & Sat; 1-5 Sun
Call 645-2ASK or visit for further information