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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Online Presence...

Angie   conte crayon   20.5 x 14
It is said that we artists need an online presence.  In fact, everyone seems to have an online presence.  It used to be business cards and brochures.  But what better way to reach a large audience for your work?  A few weeks ago, I found myself getting braver and braver in changing elements on my website.  My web mistress and longtime family friend Angie is also a full-time mom to three young sons.  I can relate.  She is busy (understatement).  Well, long story short, I wiped out the entire gallery page on my site and haven't a clue how I did it....OK, perhaps I got click-happy.  End of smug.  Tail between legs.  Desperate call to Angie....SOS.  We met last evening and discussed the possibilities of changing the site so that I won't be intimidated.  She informed me that sites and blogs and evolved enormously just in the past year.  The whole issue for me is I want to spend my precious hours painting...not spending  time managing my online presence.  I am more fearful about making changes, but need to get back in the saddle......just like painting.

Bad painting.....keep painting.  Online disaster....keep clicking.  Summon your courage, lass.