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Monday, May 20, 2013

Boston Couple

Boston Couple   watercolor/mixed on paper   13 x 18
Boston Couple was painted, in all seriousness, as a not-serious bit of play.  I needed a topic for class and pulled up some reference photos taken in Boston on the Common.  A brilliant May morning.  I was not inspired by the work and that is probably why I was able to experiment with the forms...nothing there was sacred to me.  No connection.  In fact, I was annoyed that this fellow was spending this glorious day on the phone.  (personal gripe)  My original plan was a not-so-solid description with the figures blending into the ground.  When that process became less than desirable, I changed the game plan.  The figure was then worked back and forth in a figure 8 pattern as a singular shape.  Details were muffled and then muffled again.  The background was subsequently painted in opaque gouache. I have to say that this work pleases me somewhat, despite the lack of personal connection.  Perhaps that is why I felt free enough to experiment.  The preciousness is gone.  That pleases me.