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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting it Right

Onionskin   watercolor/gouache   20.5 x 13
Each time I look over past paintings, I am reminded of the lessons that they provided me. "Onionskin" was painted many years ago. This young woman appeared to be tough as nails. After all, she had not had an easy life. After the 3 sessions, I was very disappointed with the work. I thought it should be softer. So.........I painted it again. And, guess what? The second painting looked very much like the first one. I have found over the years that the repeated painting of a subject with the intent to improve it, usually falls short. Different mistakes are made. Different areas are weak. Morayo taught me about commitment to the painting and accepting its strengths along with its weaknesses. And.....ten years down the road, those small differences usually don't matter. I hope that Morayo is doing well.