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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Painting is Life

Every Mother's Daughter   oil/canvas   36 x 48
For me, painting is life. Every noteworthy moment either reminds me of a painting already done or spurs me on to one that is yet to be. "Every Mother's Daughter" is a painting of a young friend done several years ago when she was in college. She posed while sitting on the fireplace mantle in her rental apartment. My easel was as far back as it could possibly the small space. I loved painting her and, to me, she somehow represented all young women who are coming of age and recognizing their potential, seeing all of the possibilities. I had the opportunity to visit with her last evening where friends gathered at a local winery. It was a treasured time. She and her siblings have grown into the most beautiful young adults. Kate now lives and works in Los Angeles.