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Monday, October 1, 2012

Seedless...mixing it up

Seedless   Watercolor/Mixed on paper   7 x 10

is my response to our first project in watercolor class.  That first week presents time limitations due to our discussions of materials and goals, so I usually bring some sort of subject along (usually some kind of produce) which gets our brushes wet, our minds realigned and our preferences stated.  One of our quests is self-definition which allows us to think about just which design principles provide us with a thrill.  Each artist is thrilled in his or her own way.  By prioritizing those principles a bit, we are more clearly able to focus on the kind of work we choose to do, the language we wish to speak, the ways in which our paintings become our own.  A unique translation, so to speak.  My own thrills involve a bit of "messing up" and some layering that allows for both transparency and opacity to work their magic.   After painting quite a while, making some of the individual grapes both solid and well-defined, I turned to printers ink which was rolled onto a plate and pressed onto the background.  Ah, yes.  It's me.