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Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Equinox...

Cracked   watercolor   9 x 13.5
The arrival of the Equinox brings many changes to our lives.  For most of us, these changes are welcome.  I confess to being a winter-lover as I seem to have more quiet creative time that I need.  Spring brings along yard work and changes in rhythm.  I am sure that I will benefit from this shift and new opportunities will present themselves.  Ah, yes, and the Easter dinner.  Eggs and more eggs.  Last evening while putting away the groceries, I tried to cram just one too many eggs into the egg holder....definitely my m.o.  The mess that resulted took even more time to clean up than the time it would have taken for me to be careful.  Again, my m.o.  "Cracked" sums up the experience.  Please tell me that it doesn't just happen to me.

Off I go to make red beet eggs....our Pennsylvania Dutch tradition.