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Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Red Bucket...Switching it Up

The Red Bucket   watercolor on Khadi   15 x 29
I would have to say that 140# cold press watercolor paper is the "go to" paper for watercolorists.  We get very content and familiar with Fabriano Artistico and Strathmore Artistico.  They do, after all, have many endearing qualities:  liftability; ease of moving the paint around, a perfect amount of sizing and a predictable softness. Vanilla ice cream.

What happens when we switch it up?  I like to say that changing one of your variables (paper, paint or brushes) is like the adjustments one must make while driving in various weather conditions...somehow we learn to maneuver around, hopefully with ease.  "The Red Bucket" is now my 4th or 5th painting on Khadi paper, a handmade, mouldmade, acid free  paper from India that is said to be made from recycled tee shirts.  At this time, I think that I am able to generalize the directions of works painted on Khadi:  1) the paint cannot be pushed around quite as readily, as it quickly sinks into the fibers 2) as a result of #1, the objects have harder edges than most of my work 3) the colors are stonger....I find that I am applying more layers than usual 4)  the paint can be lifted, somewhat, but with greater and greater difficulty 5)  the texture and vibrancy of these works is what make them stand out.  A completely different to be had!  Rum raisin.