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Friday, March 6, 2009

Color Temperature

Sylvia   watercolor/watercolor pencil on paper   18 x 9
Color temperature is more important to me than the colors themselves. While in college, I read of a primitive tribe somewhere (?) where there were only two words describing colors. My guess is that one word described warm tones, and the other cool. Using local color to describe subjects often results in cacophony, the resultant image resembling a stained glass window where color fragments attention and loses power. Of course, only my personal opinion. Two colors: tending towards blue and tending towards yellow. Cool. Simple. Of course, in my own recipe, one must be dominant in order to avoid conflict. My own recipe is to strive toward harmonic relationships. That soothes my soul. I hope that Sylvia is doing well. "Sylvia" is being offered through Masters' Portfolio in Chicago.