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Saturday, January 9, 2016

How Victoria Spent her Saturday Afternoon

Victoria   charcoal and pastel on paper   16.5 x 11
I am lucky.  Teaching a few classes a week keeps me in tact.  I am a loner by nature.  That keeps me focused and in my own art world which I do love.  But the artists in my classes offer up so much, so many things to love.  They loan to me their energy and their intelligence.  Victoria is a sharp girl with many many interests.  She agreed to pose for me.  My goal is to plunge beneath the surface in order to reveal her essence....that to me, is secondary to likeness.  The portrait was rendered primarily in vine charcoal, which lends a softness.  The paper - a bit of a scrap which just may be Arches text leftover from calligraphy days.  Charcoal sticks provided a few notes of pure black strength.  An evaluation was made at home and details sharpened with the aid of a photo that was shot sometime in the middle of the original life session.  It seemed accurate, but without punch. Blue pastel was added and sponged into the paper. 

Thank you, Victoria, for an afternoon well spent...well enjoyed.