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Monday, January 31, 2011


Winter Nap   Charcoal/Pastel   28 x 18
are a regular event at our club here in Akron.  Last week, I took in a drawing done shortly before Christmas as a demonstration.  I really do like it.  I was successful in the "feel" of the work which was a winter nap.  It was a cold day and we were approaching the holiday season.  Once home, I quickly framed and put it on the wall.  Now, in January, I knew that it was time to reconsider the work.  Several artists pointed out the model's right arm and hand which, in its darkness and weight, commanded too much attention.  I agree.  OK.  Yet, on the other hand, I knew that the dark and weight were there to balance the right side of the drawing.  Judy Carducci made a great suggestion which was to remove a particular mark on that arm, leaving it more open to merge with the toned paper beneath.  The next day I tackled the project.  Because I had sprayed the work with fixative, the mark would not budge.  (I guess it's good to know that the stuff works)  The green pastel on the work had been put on first under the charcoal.  It had never occurred to me to reintroduce it.  Duh.  Putting in a passage or two lessened the power of that arm and, to me, solidified the whole.  Thank you to Judy, to Tom Campbell  and to JoAnn for your comments and suggestions.  In addition, friends Kim Moore and Tom Mullins suggested that this drawing would benefit from a floater frame....where no mat would be used.  Terrific idea.

No matter whether a work is quickly done or takes weeks, the consideration process goes on for quite a while.  At least for me.  A bit of separation from the work helps one to see things more clearly.