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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Crayola Girls

The Crayola Girls   oil on canvas   40 x 30 x 1.25

has been included in the second annual Akron Art Prize exhibition and competition.  I am thrilled to have my work included in this group of over 100 artists of amazing ability and variety.  The works are exhibited at several locations in Akron:

- Summit Artspace (140 E. Market Street) - this is where you will find The Crayola Girls

- Zeber Martell (43 Furnace Street)

- Akron Glass Works (106 N. Main Street)

- We Gallery (20 N. Hight Street)

There is a mixer at Summit Artspace this Friday, September 27 from 5:30-7:30 pm  where the housed exhibit can be seen.  Other galleries and exhibitions will be opening, including one at The Box featuring work by friend and colleague
 Ted Lawson.  There will be wine, light refreshments and good company.  Hope to see you there.

Of course, this is a vote-for-me kind of exhibition that seems to be today's rage.  I have a difficult time with all of this me-me-me stuff.  After all, each and every artist wishes to be the winner.  Honestly, I have the same wish.  But I am truly content to be among this very fine group.

"The Crayola Girls" was inspired by a vintage photograph of my Grandma Daisy, her mother and her sister.  The photographs at that time (early 20th century) were grim, grim, grim.  Dark smiles...all about serious.  My goal in this work was to add a bit of impish joy to the break the surface a bit.  I am pleased with the result.