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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sinus Headache...

Heavy Frost   watercolor   3.5 x 17
Yes I do have one.  Last week we were coatless.  This week a dusting of snow.  Those changes that affect our beings are in some way momentous.  Noteworthy.

Last week's assignment was a painting of a late November landscape.  Come class day, I still had no reference as the holiday weekend had usurped my energy.  I awoke to a heavy frost, the headache, and decided to paint the view that I see as I sip my morning java.  And, I decided to paint small, really small....something I rarely do.  One glance into my studio currently reveals 6 unfinished paintings and, with the holidays abreast, I didn't want to add to that number.  An hour or so before class, I thrifted a small, small horizontal frame.....perfect!  I painting sitting down...with small brushes....barely touching the surface....and.....a light-hearted attitude.

I am truly happy with the result.  The finished work is 3.5 x 17".  Very very small.  This extreme exercise was good for me in many ways.  Learning to play the softer notes.

And, I guess we should have put up the outdoor lights last week.