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Friday, January 28, 2011

Isn't that Mary?...

Mary Sanders...a sketch
Every now and then I browse through the small drawings that have been uploaded onto my computer.  I came across a drawing of the back of Mary Sanders' head.  Yes, it has to be her.  You know, the Yupo guru?  I have come to realize that more and more, likeness has a whole lot to do with the simple geometric shapes that make up a face, a head, an arm, a body.  We recognize our friends from the back.  We even recognize them from very far away as they approach.  When we take the time to "nail" these simple shapes, we are rewarded.  This also explains my dislike for "the portraits of a thousand wrinkles", as if the aging of the face tells the story.  Simple shapes rule.

Of course it's her.  Why I'd recognize her anywhere.

It's all in the shape of the hairdo....not the individual hairs.