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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Standing on the Shoulders of Miller

Miller Horns   a sketch
Congratulations to Miller Horns! He was awarded the outstanding visual artist by Arts Alive! in Akron sponsored by The Akron Area Arts Alliance. This small sketch of Miller was done a few years back as he sat and chatted with Rick during some function-or-other at Summit ArtSpace. For all of these years, I saw a few isolated works by Miller and always enjoyed their hidden complexity. But the power of seeing a lifetime of work is undeniably moving and emotional! A retrospective of his work is currently being shown at the new home of Artists of Rubber City, "The Box", on the third floor of Summit ArtSpace. Seeing this wonderful exhibit is worth the elevator ride fact, several elevator rides up. Patterns from Miller's life form meaningful displays in electrostatic art. The quality he achieves visually is similar to me to a large print. He is able to achieve both attention to detail and the very big picture simultaneously. He is quiet. He is thoughtful. And he is complex. If you are lucky, you will be able to meet Miller and he will be able to further explain his ideas and his process. His is the life of an artist, a life well-spent. Thank you, Miller.