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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Drawing of the 10,000 Things

Columbine and Viola...a sketch
I have a drawing class called "The Drawing of the 10,000 Things at Cuyahoga Valley Art Center. Each week we have a theme of sorts and spend our time drawing small objects from life and nature while listening to music. It is my belief that by drawing and drawing and drawing, we will be able to solve future drawing problems in a larger format, as well as to draw conclusions about life problems as well. Last evening the theme was "Flower Heads and Blooms"....done to the music of Billie Holiday. Quite enjoyable. "Columbine" and "Viola" are two drawings from last night's sketchbook with noted conclusions at the bottom. Next week we will be drawing things we find in our yards or along the roadsides.

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