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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Paintings as a fingerprint

Lemonade   watercolor   13.5 x 18
I believe a painting is a fingerprint of the artist who created it. Each stroke reveals exuberance or temerity; joy or sorrow; faith or fear. That is very true for me. I look back at paintings and can remember how I felt on that occasion and can actually see the clues within. It has been a very cold and wet spring here in northeast Ohio which is very unusual. We have few screens in and have yet to enjoy our patio. Last year was another story. The painting "Lemonade" was created in my watercolor class....each week we attempted a still life from summer's abundance. I can remember how hot it was and how we had to keep replacing the ice cubes in the pitcher for accurate detail. This painting is now being shown at Hudson Fine Art and Framing in Hudson, Ohio.

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Real Paintings said...

You're right, art in general provides finite traces of emotion that really play a hand in the final result.