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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Second Day of the road trip............feeling good. Doing this print project has provided so much excitement and a great release of energy.....just like vacation. Seeing things new helps to see things old in a different way. The application of the second layer(orange) was a challenge and also full of fun. I wanted a "veiled" that would provide a transparent feel, or the feel of something old and peeling. (the opposite of opaque and hard-edged). I experimented like crazy and felt that I had something good going on after about 30 prints. I used lots of extender, lightly sprayed the rolled out plexi where I rolled the ink, and even sprayed the block that had already been rolled with ink. I used a piece of mat board between the baron and the paper and the rubbing was done lightly and incompletely, avoiding edges. I was delirious with delight! Yes, vacation is a good thing.

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