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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blank Canvas revisited son with flat tire, tend to malnourished and injured stray kitten found in yard, volunteer to gallery sit at county gallery.........

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Barb said...

Hi Linda, I notice you also do not have any visitors comments at your blog site. I have wondered about that myself, as neither do I! So, thought I would see whats the problem by trying to respond to one of yours.

Hey, I like your shoes here, also really was glad for the heads up about the masking pen. I will pick one up!

I loved your study of the bunnies also. Were those your rabbits, BTW? I have been considering getting a couple before winter. I miss having them. Have not been keeping them though while traveling. But, I thnk I am going to really curtail my traveling. Maybe not even offer much teachig effort locally even. Just need more time to create art, you know?

Anyhow, I miss my bunnies. Loved yoru drawing of yours.

Hey, if you have not visited my blog, please do.

PS ... I see here that they make us (I am in the roll of a "Viewer" here now ... ) jump through some confusing hoops here to jsut fire back a comment to you, the artist. So, i bet that is why people just aren't really doing it. I had kinda hoped we'd ehar comments from people out there abtou our art, you know? all this confusing stuff is surely the reason ... you know, like ... what do they mean below this bothersome jumble fo letters by "Open ID, and the choices within that? I jsut opted to use my g-mail addy as tis seemed easier.