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Thursday, July 10, 2008


Boring   mixed on paper   22.5 x 15
Yesterday was what I consider to be a typical day in my studio. I first finished up a couple of mini paintings that just needed a few strokes and a signature. Then I set to work on a still life painting of two tennis racquets that said absolutely nothing. The colors were not working. After a couple of hours in a vain effort to induce excitement, I covered it with paint and decided to use the canvas for something else. I guess I was trying to create a painting I thought might sell....always a loser. Then I switched over to project where I am mixing media........instant excitement. By the end of the day, I was completely stoked over the possibilities! "Boring" is a mixed media drawing done from my expressive drawing workshop last year. The assignment was to find a basement/garage/roadside object that had lost its function, or was somehow unexplainable. Our creative assignment was to alter the object to make it somehow exciting.....we used inks, rubbings and all manner of drawing materials. I am starting to think about the expressive drawing workshop that begins next Wednesday at Cuyahoga Valley Art Center.

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