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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Full Circle

Peggy...a gesture
For me, all of the experimentation in line, doodling, layering, smudging and smearing done in our expressive drawing workshop have the express purpose of leading me back to seeing realism in a new way. My goal is to be a "freer me".....where I can express exuberant lines and shapes without the dark cloud of correctness continually hovering above. On our last day we did a series of gesture drawings, some only 2 minutes, some 20 minutes. I saw so much beauty in the lines that all of the artists made! It is then, somewhere on the path to achieving perfection that we go astray. All this is my own opinion, of course. "Peggy gesture" is a drawing from last year's workshop. I like it very much.....perhaps because its freshness is still in tact.

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