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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In the Flow - Literally

Crux   watercolor   21.5 x 28
Nothing is harder to paint than moving water. I confess that I am not much of an outdoor painter.....I guess that I am not fond of mixing the elements with the concentration that I require as a painter. But the real reason is that painting is private to me, and painting in the open seems to leave me as exposed as if I were wearing no clothing..........oh, the thought. Because my family and friends are all paddlers, the canoe and kayak kind, I am forced to paint using photographs. I have tried to make up for the stationery image by using lots of movement when I paint. I splash, splatter and gyrate in an effort to bring the water to life. "Crux" is such a painting. In it, my husband is playing in the surf at the beach......something he and friend Pat taught our combined 6 boys when they were younger. I think that I carried the painting a tad too far.............but he loves it. "Crux" is one of 20 or so works that I am showing at a local winery Viking Vineyards during July and August. The owners Jeff and Dana Nelson are terrific........hope you can stop by.

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