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Monday, July 7, 2008

Simplified Forms

hand carved rubber stamps
One of my artistic quests is the simplification of form..........that helps me to avoid detail, take a new spin on reality, and to enjoy form and line for their own sakes. I also enjoy the quality that printmaking provides....a kind of secondary soft application of pigment onto paper, which the direct application of painting cannot provide. Hence - carving rubber stamps. The commercial kind which can be purchased at any craft store are amusing enough, but just don't offer the rudimentary beauty which can be achieved by hand-cutting. It is not an easy endeavor, but is a creative outlet that doesn't require lots of time. All that is required is: a creative mind, an eraser, some lino cutting tools, some tracing paper, and some colorful markers. Tonight is my first class of "Everyday Art - Hand Carving Rubber Stamps" at Cuyahoga Valley Art Center.

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