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Thursday, February 19, 2009


An Accommodating Curve   watercolor/gouache   27 x 14
I am happy with my role as an artist. I am also happy to be woman. One of the qualities associated with yin is the notion of flexibility. That opposes rigidity, to be sure. Because a woman's life is composed of so much rigidity with so many details to tend to and so much nurturing to provide, I think that women who release themselves in creative endeavors are able to relinquish control and discover a complete freedom. Those artists who I admire (many of them men) have been able to marry the yin with the yang....the freedom with the control....and the traditional with the modern. These are the artists who continually question and search. (as opposed to rigid artists who seem to know all of the answers). Right now, I visualize sea grasses bending in the wind....flexible and strong.

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