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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

and speaking of hanging on with a toe-hold

Precipice Tree...a watercolor sketch
That precipice tree that I featured yesterday really got me to thinking.....about the edginess I feel with traditional realism, yet all-the-while clinging to traditional icons of realism, notably the human figure. I guess I use the subject to spin off into my own world. Although there is much abstraction in painting that I admire, it lacks the emotional connection that I need. In thinking about my goals, I realized that there are other artists who "destroy" the reality in its completeness and make it their very own. In doing so, they combine the realism with an abstract quality. I love it! I have previously mentioned Alex Kanevsky, educated in both Lithuania and at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Another painter whose work I admire very much is Bruce Samuelson, teacher at the Academy and noted painter. Wow.....also love Jenny Saville. They have each inspired me to keep looking beyond.....................

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