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Monday, March 23, 2009


Erasers are great fun.....and, of course, saviors. In my bag I always carry my pocket-sized sketchbook and a small variety of tools. And ALWAYS my friend the kneaded eraser. My method of working involves subtraction as well as addition and I often appreciate the marks made by the skimming-across-of-the-eraser, as much as the ones originally laid down by the pencil. As often as not, I preach to beginning artists to forego the eraser while appreciating all of the marks laid in, even the erroneous flyaway ones. After all, those marks can be every bit as beautiful as those "more correct" ones. So, on a recent encounter with my sketchbook, why did I feel a sense of panic when I realized that my trusty "kneaded" was lost from my bag? Wow..........I will have to practice what I preach! That day I used a roller pen....not my favorite, yet a new experience. It seems that these drawings more easily tip the scales to those nasty value judgements "bad" or "good", while erasured drawings can more gradually ease themselves into acceptibility. I was happy with this result, the one of 3 that day, but will admit to putting another kneaded eraser into my bag as soon as I returned home. Oh, that comfort zone is so difficult to leave!

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