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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hi-Lo Techie

Airwaves   mixed on paper   34 x 20.5
I believe that I am a high-low techie. As do most artists, I work in solitary surrounds and depend on my computer for communication, applications to exhibits, organizing my works and trying to sell paintings. I have learned to use my computer on a "need to know" basis and feel comfortable with most transactions. Just when I reach a point of feeling smug and safe, the computer fritzes out and I feel that a family member has been taken seriously ill and is in the intensive care unit....yesterday was such a day. The computer doctor was here and my husband would come out to the waiting room from time to time to keep me informed of the progress. It was truly tense. Has the disease spread or will we be recovering? If so, will we be in recuperation for a while? Sad but true. This techie stuff is starting to compete with my creative time. If I followed all suggestions that artists really "need to do", I would have no time left to paint. I have learned to lasso the computer time and then let it go.....its demands are neverending. Personally, I would rather have a paintbrush as an appendage than a computer. By the way, the computer is fine. We are the ones who had to take the aspirins.

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Seth Hutchinson said...

Glad to hear the computer is feeling better. I'll send flowers!